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Remain Hooked Outdoors, Inc. a nonprofit organization.  Created for the entire family.  Our mission and purpose afford the entire family and individuals a unique opportunity to experience and learn from the outdoors. 

Making a difference for Black Women

Making a difference for Black Women through fishing is a dream come true. There are a few ways I’ve make a positive impact. First, I’ve created a group on Facebook (Black Girl Fish 2) I have created and offered fishing opportunities specifically geared towards Black women. This would include organizing group trips, providing equipment and instruction, through Melanated Campout. Secondly, my goal is to create a mentorship program to help connect Black women with experienced anglers and provide guidance and support. Finally, it is so important to create educational resources to help spread awareness about the importance of fishing and its benefits for the environment and the local community they thrive in. It is just as important to teach them all there is to know about rules and regulations and abiding by them. All of these efforts can help create a more inclusive and accessible fishing community for Black women.


Share your group or organization with us to inform families of your outdoor event.